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Customer Service


We are an authorized dealership for Kymco USA, since 2004.

We also carry Kayo USA, Hisun Motors, Kandi America,
Icebear & Rawrr products. 


Payment Methods
We accept Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard & AMEX!

Financing is available.


New products may come with a manufacturer limited-warranty. 
Extended service contracts are available for sale on many
vehicles 5 years old or newer. Please contact us for options on each vehicle. 

Personal satisfaction guaranteed!

For questions please call (909) 261-3130 or email 



We will service any unit you purchase from our store. Labor rates start at $125.00 per hour. We may be able to service a unit not purchased from our store; please call (909) 261-3130 to schedule a time to bring your unit in.



For a nominal fee we will arrange for one of our 3rd party delivery partners to deliver to your doorstep within California. 

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Committed to our customers, we are fully staffed to accommodate and provide excellent customer service including on-site assistance. Your personal satisfaction is our main priority! 


THERE IS NO COOLING OFF PERIOD. California law does not provide for a "cooling off" or other cancellation period for vehicle sales. Therefore, you cannot later cancel this contract simply because you change your mind, decide the vehicle costs too much, or wish you had acquired a different vehicle. After you sign the sales contract, you may only cancel the sales contract with the agreement of the seller or for legal cause, such as fraud. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Preowned vehicle(s) purchased are sold in as-is condition without warranty, unless warranty was purchased. Purchaser is responsible for applicable DMV safety courses and insurance. Dealer not liable for accident, injury or property damage following delivery of vehicle.

Corona Powersports ATV Outlet

Here's one of our previous logos. We've been around since 1986!

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